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Cleanliness and conservation

The challenges

The challenge is to keep the premises clean and in good conditions of cleanliness and hygiene to use, especially after the event ends.

The Solutions

We have a proactive team ready to deliver the (local) sanitized and clean environment to use. We supply all necessary cleaning materials.

The hygiene of the environments tells a lot about the company and influences the productivity.

Keeping the environment clean brings well-being, that everyone knows. According to research by the USGB (Green Building Association), the influence of cleanliness on people’s health and behavior is greater than most imagine. And this extends to the corporate environment, reflecting the results of the companies. In Japan Mr. Ishikawa (1915-89) answered the following question: How do you start implementing a Quality Plan?

It depends; Sometimes sweeping!

That is, the business environment requires constant conservation and cleaning, to ensure the health and the good appearance of the place. However, it is important to be careful about the preservation of machines and apparatus of the company during a cleaning.

Regularity is important, as constancy prevents dust accumulation and allows for a longer duration in the clean aspect of the place, however, it is also necessary to do a heavy cleaning. Regarding this aspect, the time indicated is relative, because the place must be taken into account: its conservation and durability and varies according to personal need.

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