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Information Tecnology

Information Tecnology

We started a study and survey of information in the area of ​​Tourism and Hotel Security. And we have found that many Hotels / Commercial Establishments are being harmed by swindlers and thefts with internal facilitation.

Unfortunately 70% of theft and fraud that takes place inside Commercial Establishments / Hotels is practiced by former employees, internal employees or outside contributors.

Our Information Technology (IT) Service was developed to assist the Hotel / Human Resources Sector in hiring employees and collaborators.


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To minimize risk and greater transparency, we created this service consisting of the Personal Review Report that subsidizes the selection process of candidates and employees.

We consult database on open sources of public information made available by agencies and entities, according to active transparency, Information Access Law.

We offer an ONLINE PORTAL with the following NOTES:
– Federal Police (National Criminal Information System – SINIC);
– Federal Court;
– Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro (Special Courts, Civil, Criminal, Domestic Violence, Family and Against Women);
– Interpol (wanted);
– National Bank of Arrest Warrants;
– Recent jobs with a formal contract;
– Social Networks (Facebook / Google).

Our team is composed of professionals with great expertise in Public Safety and Business Intelligence. We elaborate services according to the client’s needs.

If you are interested in knowing our system, without commitment, schedule a visit.

We are trained and we are always updating for you to feel safe