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Operational Planning

The challenges

The biggest challenge of security is to anticipate and provide solutions to dangerous situations. Planning is the method for the surprise factor to be reduced or eliminated.

The best way to avoid a situation of risk is to do a prevention job. Our job is to analyze personal and physical hazards.

The Solutions

We elaborate:

– Physical plans (through careful analysis of physical facilities, hindering or preventing undue access);

– Operational plans, which are procedures with specific rules for each member of the system;

– Contingency plans, where the critical situations are defined, so that all those involved in the system, during the execution of the risk, have a road map of actions that must be implemented, aiming at the restoration of normality, considering that every critical situation generates An urgency.

We acknowledge the threats and know that the risk can be reduced, contained or controlled.

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We are specialists in analyzing, monitoring and executing security plans

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