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As the amounts invested are high, the development of Risk Management becomes essential. It is necessary to map and treat the available information so that, from them, it is possible to generate knowledge that adds value in the risk assessment.


We observe our clients in their natural settings this allows us to identify threat.

May come from and to put in place a plan to neutralize this any threats.

Recognizing threats are essentials in ensuring the safety and future growth of our clients.

Risk as the probability of occurrence of an unfavorable event. It is a “multifaceted” concept that covers several vectors, among them we mention: market risk, operational risk, credit risk, image risk and legal risk.

In the area of ??corporate security, the risk is a result of the set of threats that can infer changes in the planning or continuity of the organization.

The problem of corporate risk management is that the existence of a single weakness in the risk management chain is enough to drive the institution to collapse.

The risk management in business security, imposes a preventive and preventive methodology in its treatment requiring continuous efforts to study each situation.

There are five key elements to success in implementing corporate risk management within a security planning:

  • Corporate culture for risks;
  • Qualified people;
  • Internal procedures;
  • Technology;
  • Resources;
  • We are specialists in analyzing, monitoring and executing security plans.

Do not let an unforeseen event interfere with or impede the success of your event.